How does it work?

Using our parking service is fast and easy, starting from the online booking: best if you need any of our extra services or during high season periods.

  • When you get to our parking, leave your cars in one of the spots near the acceptance area, where you can load or unload your luggage.
  • Enter the acceptance office and show your booking confirmation that you received by email. After checking your data, you will be explained what to do when you return.
  • After finishing the acceptance practices, our drivers will get your luggage and drive you to the airport.
  • When you return, after picking up your luggage, call the number provided on your receipt and follow the instructions. A shuttle will come to pick you up.
  • Once back at the parking, you will get back your car keys, parked near the acceptance area. If you had chosen to keep your keys with you, you will be free to go to your car where you left it.