Is the parking always open?
Yes, the parking is open 24/7. You can come to our parking at any time and day of the year.

Do you have a shuttle service?
Yes, we provide a shuttle service 24/7, 365 days/year both from and to the airport.

Is there any way I can keep my car keys with me?
Sure, nothing easier, when booking choose the “CHIAVI IN MANO” option. It will allow you to park your car in one of our reserved floors and keep the keys with you.

How early do I need to arrive?
We suggest arriving about 15 minutes before you plan to be at the airport.

How often does the shuttle travel?
Our shuttle service has no pre-determined hours, we are always available to accompany you to the airport in the shortest time possible, both when going and coming back from the airport.

Do I have to pay the shuttle service?
No, our shuttle service is always free.

How long does it take for the shuttle to get to the airport terminal?
Our shuttle service will take you to the airport terminal within a few minutes.

How do I notify the parking of my return? Should I call?
Yes, after retrieving your luggage, you should call the number you received at the acceptance desk the day of your arrival. The shuttle will come to pick you up at the airport and bring you back to the parking.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, the price always includes fire and theft insurance.

Is booking mandatory?
No, booking is not mandatory, but strongly suggested, in particular during high season periods to speed up acceptance procedures.

Can I edit my booking?
You can’t directly edit your booking, but you can request any change through the Contact Us form or by calling the number +39 0331 302028.

What do I do if I don’t receive the confirmation email?
If you didn’t receive the confirmation email, most likely there was an error in the email address. Contact us and our staff will send you a new confirmation email.

Is it possible to request a car wash?
Yes, Parking Malpensa offers both an interior and exterior car wash service. You can request it while booking, or during acceptance at our parking.

What if I need to change vehicle or plate that I indicated when booking?
There is no problem. Just tell our staff during acceptance at our parking.

I work at a company: can we stipulate an agreement to allow my colleagues to have special discounts?
Yes, it is possible to have company agreements with special discounts for all employees.